Saturday, July 9, 2011

It Didn't Take Me Long

Yesterday as I was driving to pick up the mail - with my daughter in my lap- I realized that I am settling in quite nicely.  Seriously, how country is that?!  Driving to the mailbox?!  Baby in my lap?!  Sounds a little Brittney Spears-ish...except I wasn't in LA...I only saw 1 other moving vehicle.

Seriously, life is good here.  I crave simplicity, so this place is great for me!  I am getting a little antsy since we've haven't had any sort of routine, but most of the time I'm enoying the mostly schedule-less summer days.  School will start soon enough, and I will be a full time SAHM for the first time while my husband works round-the-clock, and I will miss these days of nothing on the calendar and having him home a lot.

The oulet covers add a little something special to this picture, don't you think?

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