Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Aubrey's First Week

I can't believe it's been a whole week since this little miracle entered our lives!  She is a really good newborn- she eats well, sleeps well, and pees and poops :-)  The first few days she screamed pretty much every time she was awake, but the last half of the week she's been more peaceful and alert. 

Her crying has not yet woken Langley up, which is a huge blessing.  Each day seems to get a little easier insome aspect.  Josh and I have both made comments throughout the week about how blessed we are with these sweet little girls.  They are truly so sweet - not perfect - but precious.

The jealousy factor is the worst when both parents are home, but we have tried very hard to give Langley extra attention when we can.  Monday morning when I was scrambling to get out the door for Aubrey's appointment, Langley was really acting out.  I finally just said, "I know why you're acting this way, but your just going to have to be a big girl right now.  I can't hold you or play right now, but I still love you - STOP WHINING."  God love 'em, both girls have been troopers this week!

Today has been my best day.  I'm feeling more emotionally level and physially capable of caring for 2 small children all day.  Aubrey's eating/sleeping and my pumping schedule allowed for a lot of one on one time with Langley today which was good.  We even got outside for a walk with Langley on the tricycle and Aubrey in the sling.

And now for pictures...

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