Monday, May 7, 2012

On the Go

This title is decieving because we have been pretty homebound since leaving the hospital!

Here we are ready to be discharged.

She looks so miniature in the carseat.

Langley and I ventured to WM Sunday.

And today I took Aubrey to the doctor for her first check-up.  She weighed 6 lb 11 oz, is a little jaundiced, but otherwise perfect and healthy.  Thank you Lord! 

This was the 3rd car ride for her.  She is very wide eyed and alert for awhile before falling asleep as we drive.

Also today we walked over to meet her friend Kinsley!  Kinsley is exactly 1 week older than Aubrey.

Two precious girls!

I absolutely do not feel ready to take Langley and Aubrey anywhere by myself.  We took a family trip to Sonic the other day and Langley just talked and talked - some to Aubrey and some narrarating to us what was going on.  She calls Aubrey, "Bah-ee,"  all day it's "bah-ee cry, bah-ee paci, bah-ee peeting (sleeping,) bah-ee milk."

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