Sunday, May 20, 2012


Josh and Langley went to church this morning and Aubrey is napping, so I'm having some peace and quiet.  Aubrey has had some better days and continues to have good nights. 

One thing that is baffling me about her is that she has screamed her head off for 15+ minutes both times I've taken the girls for a walk in the double stroller.  She hates it, goes crazy, and makes Langley and I so miserable.  What baby hates walks and being outside?!

It's a small thing and I know it (hopefully) will pass.  We don't have anything to do around where we live so going on walks is a neccessity.

We've enjoyed our weekend so far just spending time together as our family of 4. 

Pics of my precious girls...

not sure what  what that is on her nose...i think it's from the red eye correction and I'm too lazy to go back and fix it...

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Anonymous said...

Neither of my kids liked the stroller when they were newborn. I know it does seem weird. Sawyer didn't ever like it much. Landry started liking it probably around 4 months.

Stephanie Cowden