Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

I got to take Langley on her first class fieldtrip Monday to the pumpkin patch!  My sweet friend and neighbor Jill kept Aubrey so I could actually enjoy this experience!

Every child had at least one parent there so everyone kind of went in their own direction.  There were several things to do, but Langley would have stayed in the hay or corn the entire time.

I took very few pictures because I was chasing her, keeping her from falling off the top of the 10 foot hay stack,  correcting her when she was being ugly to another little girl, and running into the road.  Treat.

It was a fun time.  All the kids were filthy, tired, and hungry by the time we headed back to school.

That evening I started running fever and was miserable!  The doctor thinks it's just a virus and I haven't had fever since about 4 am Tuesday, I'm just praying neither the girls or Josh gets it.

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