Saturday, October 13, 2012

Random Stuff and Mad Picture-Taking Skillz

The girls have this matching outfit.  Normal people would try to get a picture of them together.  I ended up with this stellar shot.

 Just imagine Aubrey in the same outfit, both girls smiling, maybe hugging, in front of a festive background.

Aubrey's been in the exersaucer.  Her feet still dont touch the bottom and I have to prop her up pretty good, but she has loved trying to get all those things in her mouth, pawing at everything, and making noise.

I'm nervous because I've entered the world of class field trips and birthday parties.  I have a little social anxiety.  I'm guessing that 98% of the other parents (of the kids in Langley's class) grew up together and have lived here their entire lives.  I don't know anyone, I can't remember names, and clearly I'm "not from around here."  So, I have to suck it up, try not to be totally akward, and go so my kid can have fun and be the little social butterfly that she is.

Langley has developed an intense irrational fear of squirrels and cats.  I have no idea how it started, and to be honest, I don't have a lot of sympathy for irrational fears.  I should, because I am deathly afraid of snakes...don't want to see them anywhere at anytime in person, on tv, or in a book, etc.  Since she can't really explain why she's scared, I just tell her there's nothing to be scared of and try to change the subject.

Aubrey loves to hit me in the face and pull my hair.  She also loves when Langley reads to her or otherwise provides entertainment.

The girls watch Disney Jr together every single morning.  That's only after Langley wakes up about 530, plays house in her room for an hour and a half, then yell's "good morning, I wake!"  Yes, she is still waking up at the crack of dawn, but we put up the baby gate and she will turn on her light and play house.

My girls have such a good daddy!

That is all.

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Becky said...

Ha! Love the imaginary picture of your girls! :)