Saturday, October 6, 2012

What My Phone Saw This Week

I realized a little while ago that it's October, my least favorite month. However, this week has been pretty good, so I can't complain about October yet!

Here's a little phone dump:

Just playing.

This little racoon greeted me Monday morning as I loaded the girls up to get Langley to school.  Josh tried to first catch it in a dog kennel and then kill it with a shovel.  Both failed.  Both were hilarious.

God will take my breath away with things like this every once in awhile.  I don't like living here a lot of the time, but I've seen many beautiful scenes in the sky like this over the past year that are so comforting. I pulled over as I was going to WM one night when I saw this.

We had a team game night Wednesday.  I tried to be a little more creative and made a menu around the theme "Mayhem,"  Mayhem is kind of the theme for our defense this year.  Anyway, I used glitter.  Glitter is fun.  Game night was a hit, they played taboo and my team won!

She was just so sweet and cuddly this morning.

They were playing before breakfast.

We are enjoying a quiet, cold, weekend together!! 

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