Monday, December 3, 2012

7 Months Old

This is my favorite stage.  Aubrey turned 7 months old on December 1!!

She started sitting up a few days before turning 7 months old.  I leave her sitting up playing with toys and she doesn't fall over unless she is trying to get to a different location or reach something else.

After 3 failed tries with cereal/oatmeal, I moved on to veggies.  She is doing much better eating solids and has liked everything I've given her.  So far she's had (in this order) sweet potatos, peas, squash, and green beans.  She has really become a good eater and nothing has upset her tummy or made the reflux flare so far!

Aubrey is so loud.  She laughs, shreiks, squeals, and yells alot.  Of course the screams are ear shattering, but those are few and far between.  All of her noises are so loud my ears ring every day. 

She constantly has her fist or fingers in her mouth.  No teeth yet and no signs of teething other than that.

Aubrey likes to be read to, play with toys on the floor, the jumper and exersaucer, and trying to get her hands on Henry.

She is happy.  Thank you Jesus.  I really hope I never forget how awful the first 3 months were so that I will always be thankful for my healthy sweet girl.

Her hair is growing and the bald spot is almost covered.  One tear duct is still clogged. And the reflux seems to be better.  She is still on prevacid (she needs it) and we thicken her bottles.  She is definitely spitting up less and does not struggle when eating. 

Now for a crazy amount of pictures...

She is so loved.

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