Saturday, December 8, 2012

Random Pictures, Random Words

 1.  It was a crazy week in the Arkansas football world.  NEA bid farewell to Gus.  The Auburn jet landed at the airport behind our house. I did not take this picture, but a neighbor did.  This is considered exciting where we live.

2.  I've seen several posts from other blogs about running out of picture storage with blogger.  This has happended to me a few times.  I'm so cheap and stubborn that I log into my picassa web album (which is where blogger saves all the pictures) and spend hours deleting the photos from previous years.  I do this because I have a blog book printed each year so I have the images stored in a few places.  It's free and I feel like I'm beating the system!

3.  I don't bows on any Christmas gifts.  They just fall off or get squished since we always travel for the holiday. 

4.  I've never made soup.  Ever. Any kind.  I like soup, so I find this strange.

5.  Christmas in the Cove was last Sunday.  We've never participated because it's during basketball season and it has fallen on the weekend where we travel to NWA.  Needless to say, last Sunday night we turned every light in our house off and were all in bed by 8:00 pm.  We were exhausted so I felt zero guilt about not hosting it.

6.  Langley has developed an opinion about what she wants to wear.  It hasn't been a battle yet, and I try to give her two options every day.  On days we are home all day I let her wear whatever.  Yesterday she wanted to wear a red dress.

7.  I love it when Henry curls up on the Christmas tree skirt.  He does it every year.

8.  Aubrey is sitting up and playing like such a big girl!  I realized they were watching something on tv together yesterday so I had to snap a picture.

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