Thursday, May 30, 2013


Here are some good/funny things going on:

1. Sunday, we took Langley to big church with us so she wouldn't hack all over the other kids in her class.  She did well, but about 1/2 way through the sermon I had to take her out in the hallway.  She was twirling around and looking out the window when a little boy and his dad walked by.  This little boy is around 8 years old I would guess.  I don't know them and I don't know his challenges, but I think he is severely autistic.  I AM IN NO WAY MAKING FUN OF THIS CHILD OR HIS FAMILY.  I AM NOT MAD AT ALL.  BUT WHAT HAPPENED TO ME WAS HILARIOUS.  The little boy and his dad walked by again and just as they passed us, the boy reached up and grabbed my boob.  Then just kept walking.


I must have made a shocked face or Langley saw what happened because she said "Oh, no mommy! oh no!"  I didn't say a word and I just started doing the uncontrollable church laugh. After I pulled myself together, I couldn't wait to tell Josh.  Who does this happen to?!  I mean the most awkward/embarrassing/crazy things happen to me!

2.  Langley called me into the bathroom the other day as she finished doing her business.  I will never forget seeing her sitting on the pot with a sombrero on her head.

3. We've been cheering on the WBC softball team in the NAIA national tournament.  They finished 4th in the country with a 46-9 record!

4.  Aubrey is pulling up and cruising along everything.  She's getting a lot more verbal and is just fun!

5.  In the midst of all the sickness and sucky week, I've still managed to make 3 new recipes (from pinterest) that were all delish!  I made lemon bars, reese's freezer pie, and hawaiian chicken with coconut rice.

6.  We got spend time at the Mccarty's and Norvell's on Memorial Day.  We love our neighbors!

7.  Langley is 3'4 and weighs 34lbs.

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Becky said...

I just laughed SO loud. Love it.