Thursday, May 16, 2013

Just Some Updates

We had a contract to sell our house in conway, but after several delays at the VERY end of the closing process, we had to terminate the contract.  Back to square 1.  We did several things to upgrade the house while it was under contract per the buyer's request, including a brand new roof.  So, spread the word:  1501 square feet, brand new roof, new AC (installed April 2011,)  fha compliant, 3 bed, 2 bath, walk in master closet, fridge included (along with stove, dishwasher, and disposal,)  1 car garage, fenced back yard with a shed, walking distance to Julia Lee Moore Elementary.  $107,900. Contact Donny Marple with McDowell Properties.  Go!  Go!

Langley has a pretend "pink house" and talks about it constantly.  As in, I eat waffels at my pink house!      I have a bear at my pink house!  I tell daddy I spill my drink at my pink house!  I told her the other day I can't wait to visit her pink house.  She told me it was just a fun game.

We are surviving 3, but we have had our moments.  Attitude.  Inability to communicate all her feelings.  Frustration.  Preferences.  Testing boundaries.  But, there are good moments.  Dancing.  Funny stories.  Library books.  Lots of hugs and kisses.  Singing.  Oh, and sleeping past 6 am!

Aubrey still only has 2 teeth.  She naps and sleeps like a champ.  She smiles at everyone everywhere we go.  She wants to stand and walk, but is just not there yet.  She loves bath time, especially when we bathe them together! Her language is hilarious.  Her babble totally has inflection, pauses, just like a real conversation with no real words.

Josh is busy recruiting and planning team camp.  We are enjoying our afternoons and evening together and getting to grill and be outside.  I really like this time of the year.

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