Wednesday, May 29, 2013


It's been a long week or so.  Langley is still a little sick.  Well enough to go to school for a couple of hours, but bad enough that the doctor thought she had pneumonia yesterday when I took her back for a follow up.  She felt better a few days but we can't get rid of the drainage and her lungs are yucky.  Of course I caught a cold and Aubrey started today with a raspy cough and runny nose.  Lovely.

Also yesterday we found out another contract on our house was lost.  We got an offer, countered, then the people totally bailed because they "got cold feet about their financing."  Our realtor said this has not happened in his career.  Nice.  If it's going to happen, it will definitely involve us.  

So with the bad news with the house, plus the pneumonia scare yesterday sucked.  And I burnt my arm on the grill while making dinner. And if the sickness does not LEAVE US ALONE then we will have to cancel plans we had for next week (which we were looking forward to.)   I know all of these things are very small compared to what some people are facing, but nonetheless it was a hard day for me.  All I could pray last night when I put Aubrey to bed was "God have mercy on us.  Just let us sleep."

Here are some random pictures.

Saturday morning snuggles

Aubrey's very last bottle. Last Thursday (i think.)  She doesn't miss it. Just a milestone  since it's the last bottle of my parenting career.

Langley's first breathing treatment ever.  We had to do this before the xray of her lungs.  She was running through the hospital singing the song from Doc McStuffins.  "I feel better! So much better!"  Not your typical pneumonia patient I don't think.  We now own a "sammy the seal" nebulizer, hopefully we don't have to use it often.  She is such a trooper.

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