Friday, December 3, 2010

9 Months Old

My sweet girl weighs 20 lbs 6.5 oz and is 29 inches tall!  She did great at the doctor this morning, however, she just wanted to get down and I wouldn't let her crawl on that floor.  She got her flu shot booster and did not make a sound.  What a good girl!

We talked about food, because to be honest, I have a real phobia of her choking.  Since she still is toothless, I've been very slow to let her try things like mums and puffs.  My phobia has prevented me from giving her anything else to feed herself.  But, it is time.  No grandparents, she can not eat off your plate, have meat, or junkfood.  I'm going to start with tiny pieces of cooked carrot or peas or something.  Josh will have to be here when she's eating that stuff, because I am literally terrified of her choking!  Yes, I know it is crazy.

But, I have already been letting her practice with a sippy cup, which the doctor was pleased with because they recommend she be done with a bottle by 12 months.  She is covered in formula everytime she uses one!

Lanlgey is jabbering more and more. "da, "ba," and "ya," are still her favorite.  I've really been working on "bye-bye, ball, and baby."  Everytime I say those words she smiles so big, like I know what you're talking about, I just can't say it!  She knows who daddy, mommy, and Henry are.  She is obsessed with the remote and our phones, and has paid absolutely no attention to the Christmas trees.  None. 

I had visions of the trees being knocked over, or the ornaments being chewed on, or constantly dragging her away from the gifts.  Nothing.  It's probably because I've done most of the decorating while she's been asleep and we haven't made a big deal trying to show her the lights or touch the ornaments or anything.  Her face is like, "yeah it's cool, whatever." 

She is wearing a size 3 diaper, but I'm going to buy size 4 next time.  Her clothes are mostly all 12 months right now.  The closet is full of 18 months to get her through the winter, but right now most of those are still a little too long.

I introduced zuchini and black beans into her diet.  She's not a fan of the beans, I have to sneak them in! Still eating 4 bottles a day (6 oz during the day and 8 oz before bed,) and have 3 solid meals a day.  Also, still taking 3 naps a day and sleeping through the night.

Enjoy the pictures below.  You can tell we started off strong and quickly lost interest in the 9 month photo shoot!

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Ashley Fisher :) said...

She is too cute!!! I can't believe she is already 9 months and that she still takes 3 naps!!