Friday, December 10, 2010


I hosted the team Christmas Party last night, and it was so fun!  This group was much more fun than last year!  They ate a lot (thank goodness, because I literally worked for 8 hours preparing all the food and my feet were throbbing,) and got in to the Dirty Santa game.  The toilet paper was the hot gift of the night :-)  I was cracking up!  Comments like "ooh, you steal it from me, then he can steal it from you, then it still ends up at our house!" or " oh, and it's Charmin!"  and " I only got 2 rolls at the house and 1 is on the spinner, so I need that!"  had me rollin'.  [pun intended]

Langley acted a little puny all day, until the guys came in, then she was just eating up all the attention!

trying to open the tabasco sauce

trying to open the lysol wipes

So thankful for a great team!  It was a fun night!  Now I have about 4 loads of dishes to wash...not counting the serving pieces that are handwash -- yuck!

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Becky said...

Ha ha! JD was telling me about your dirty Santa game- he's convinced we need to do that when our guys come over on Thursday. :)