Thursday, December 30, 2010

Post Christmas Wrap-up

I am really trying to right this post without sounding whiny or negative, it seems like everytime I've thought about blogging it has been something of that nature.  But here's the crazy thing -nothing is wrong!

Langley had her first overnight away from home this week.  She went and stayed with my mom one night so that I could run errands and get other things done efficiently.  It is not efficient to run errands when you have to get a baby in and out of the car 4 times in cold weather and wait in lines.  So, she had a good time and I enjoyed my 24 hour break!  Josh and I also went to dinner and a movie that night!

We played asu this week we were on the losing end of a record-setting massacre, unfortunately.  I tried all day yesterday not to get mad at the state paper and the central arkansas news stations.  Let me explain.  Our team and school gets basically no media attention, we are used to it.  But the results of our game where very widely publicized.  It was embarrasing to us, our players.  Think about if you were a parent of a student athlete and the only time they got attention in your local paper or news channel was when something embarrassing happened.  It would be different if they talked about our victories and other positive things, but they don't.  As a result, this mama bear/coach's wife gets defensive, hurt feelings, and pretty pissed off.

I'd also like to point out that if our game had occured on a Razorback game night, there would have been no coverage of our game in jonesboro. 

I'm over it now.

So, last night we went to NWA to the Razorback basketball game.  Another date night for Josh and I!  Josh had never been to a hogs basketball game (hundreds of football games, but never basketball,) so my dad got us tickets for Christmas.  Really, it was just a plot to get to  babysit Langley :-) We had a good time and now we are back home. 

I plan on being totally unproductive the rest of the day!!

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