Monday, December 6, 2010

The Semester is Over!

I turned in all my final grades this morning and I'm officially done with the semester!  This week is finals week, but since I teach an Orientation and Study Skills class, I don't give an actual final.  I give the last test the last regular day of class. I just think that their first finals are stressful enough, so they shouldn't have to worry about an Orientation class final. 

As of Saturday, I'm totally done decorating.  All I lacked was the small blue/silver/white "CBC" tree in the guest room and I got that done during Saturday afternoon naptime!

The Mustangs are in a tough stretch of the schedule right now, with a couple of NCAA div. 1 and 2 teams as opponents.  We always hate to lose, but it's easier to handle when they are guarantee ($) games.  I will say that they had a great experience at Northwestern State (in LA.)  We played great, ahead at half-time, and Josh reports they had great officiating :-) 

Also during the weekend, we took Christmas Card photos.  We, meaning it took Josh and I acting like fools to get Langley to cooperate.  I'm pretty pleased with the finished product!  Here are some of the pictures that did not make the card.

Happy Monday!

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