Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's That Crazy Time of the Year

It's safe to say that this time the year is nuts for everyone who works on a college campus.  The grading, the advising, the stupid questions - the non-stop questions.  For the love. 

"You mean we got points just for coming to class?" 
Yes, you got attendance and participation points.  Read the syllabus.

"What time is my advising appointment?"
It's a 12:30 today.  I've memorized the appointment times for all 30 of my advisees. 
[ I don't really respond that way, but sometimes it's all I can do not to be a total smart -ace...especially when they are following me as I'm pushing a stroller and carrying 15 things in my arms.]

"I have a question about my grade.  I came by your office but you weren't there."
I don't have an office.  Again, the best way to contact me is via email.  We can set an appointment to meet in person if neccessary.

"I missed class that day.  When can I turn in my paper?"
You can't.

"So I got a zero?"
Um, Yes.

"I want to take a music class."
Are you wanting to be a music major/minor?
"no, I just like to listen to  music"
Well, music appreciation is already full.
"can I take like a theory class or piano lessons?"
Um.  Why don't you take a gen ed class that you need while you decide on a major?
"I like music."

You get the idea. 

To be fair, I'm sure the students are ready to move on from my class!!!  They get just as tired of the instructors as we do of them!  But the beauty of college is Christmas break; by January  I'll be ready for the hustle and bustle of students again!!

All of that to say, it's already Thursday and I've only blogged once this week.  Langley turned 9 months old yesterday.  I didn't forget :-)  I'm just putting off that post because she has a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I can include all the important stats.

Until then....

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