Saturday, February 5, 2011

Daily Pics: 1-4

I've decided to take at least 1 picture everyday in February.  Just a little nostalgic as this is the last month of her first year.

February 1:  At the game. We won!  Record is now 11-10!

February 2:  Playing while I vacuumed!  This is literally the only picture I took that day and it is blurry :-(

February 3:  Looking Serious.  Maybe she was just done with me because she had on 7 layers of clothes.  Ok, just 3 layers.  It was SO COLD.

February 4:  Stuck inside.  Her car was entertainment for about 90 seconds before moving to a different part of the house to destroy :-)  Please excuse the massive pile of dishes in the sink.

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