Friday, February 18, 2011

A List

1.  We felt an earthquake early Friday morning.  Just one jolt, but I was waiting for the trumpets to sound.  It was a very strange sensation.

2.  There are 2 more regular season games left.  Unless something has changed, we just have to win 1 in order to go to the conference tournament.  It's in Denver and I won't be going...and I don't want to think about it.

3.  I joined a women's bible study.  We are doing Return to the Garden by Kay Arthur.  Hmmm.  It might get spicy :-)  After church the first night I really wanted to blog about funny things each week [like I did with childbirth class,]  because it's a very diverse group with a wide age range (which to me will equal lots of humorous/akward moments,) but I won't.  Because that would be totally inappropriate.   Lord help me.

4.  When Langley was born my mom introduced us to The Office.  The show has become a bright spot in our lives.  However, I don't like the new ones.  I will not give up on Dunder Mifflin, but it just hasn't been as good as say season 3. 

5.  If I get any more gray hair I will consider going blonde.  Seriously, it's getting ridiculous.

Good night and happy weekend!

1 comment:

Becky said...

I would do the same thing if I felt an earthquake!
Also- I love Kay Arthur. I so wish I could find a Bible Study with childcare around here...
Also- We love the Office. Season 3 was DEF the best.
Also- the pic of Josh in the snow had us laughing out loud. :)