Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In Case You Haven't Heard...

we have some major snow (by Arkansas standards.)

It was very powdery, we couldn't make a snowman.  However, my dog, went crazy in the snow!  We didn't measure how many inches were in our yard, but Henry could barely see over it in some places.  He had pounds of snow stuck in his fur.  He went directly into the bathtub so I could defrost him when we got inside!

Henry, Langley, and our bowl of snow for snowcreme!

She was confused by the mittens and by the falling snow.  It (snow) caked on her eyelashes. 

Look at all of that stuck in his fur!  H really couldn't run,but had to jump around since the snow was so deep in places.  He slept for hours this afternoon.

Josh may kill me for this picture...I assure you I looked more crazy in my snow gear.  He had on camo and an old CBC baseball coat and was propped up on a shovel.  We had high hopes for our snow creations, but no such luck.

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