Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rx for 'roids


Langley woke up barking this morning.  She was so hoarse and her cough was literally a bark.  I consulted my handy books and figured out she had croup.  We went to the doctor and she got her very first presciption for some steroids.  I told the pharmacist, "not everyone gets to be snowed in with a baby on steroids."  He laughed.  He was much more honest about how they could affect Langley than the doctor was. 

She's had her first dose and she's asleep now.  She sounds terrible, but has not acted sickly.  I pray this clears up quickly.  I'll take one for the team tomorrow and play in the snow because cold moist air is supposed to really help. 

Sidenote:  she weighs just over 22 pounds now.
Sidenote #2:  we had to buy a new washing machine today. 

Finally, this picture is not from today, but it's cute...

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