Friday, February 4, 2011

Something (s) I Want to Remember

I totally should have put this on her 11 month post, but I didn't so...

I want to remember that right now Langley says "uh-oh" all the time.  She sounds so sweet when she says it, and really it's more of the sounds than the actual words.  So funny!  Anyway, she says "uh-oh" every single time she gets in her high chair.  This is because she will always drop some food for Henry.  For Henry, "uh-oh" is the new "oops." 

So, she says "uh-oh" appropriately and will repeat it.  But what I think is the cutest is that she responds "uh-oh" every time I say "thank you" and "excuse me."  She can be throwing a fit and I say "excuse me"  and immediatley "uh-oh" makes us both loose track of what the issue was.  She's funny.  And cute.

This week she learned to give a "high five"  in addition to "regular" five.  And today, I said "where's my nose?" and she totally pointed to my nose! We've been working on that!  Now, I must teach her how to point and not hit/punch/grab.

The last thing.  I have a mole on my neck that she is currently obsessed with trying to scratch off.  This is 50% funny and 50% infuriating to me.  She gets so obsessed that I won't even pick her up and hold her sometimes.  So, she's funny, cute, and a little weird.

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