Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas (in Pictures Mostly)

We started in Arkadelphia then went to Magnet Cove.  We had a really great trip.  I mean, Josh and I both were amazed how much fun we had the whole time and how good Langley was.  No matter how much you love your families, traveling for a week with a small child during the holidays can be stressful - but we were so blessed with traveling mercies, good sleep, and lots of laughter and joy.  And an outragegous amount of presents!

Langley's "toy" of choice this trip was disposable cups.  Foam or paper.  She was highly amused with the cups. 

 She opened presents one strip of paper at a time.  It was cute, but all the adults got impatient so we tore into them for her :-)

 I did have several pictures of our family members, but nearly all of them included someone laughing, looking down, or otherwise unflattering shots, so I didn't include them all.  I clearly did not bring my A game to the Christmas photography.  You are welcome.

 My immediate side of the family.

 All the girls

4 generations.

It was a great holiday!

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