Thursday, December 8, 2011

These are the Days of Our Lives: December 1-7

Christmas round 1

Relaxing before a game.  It  looks like she's got it made, doesn't it?!

A Langley sandwich

A day inside before the first of 3 home games this week...Go Eagles!

"If I give you the fakest smile possible, will you stop taking pictures?"

Daddy at work

Um, it snowed again.

These last 3 pictures I find hilarious!

Today is another game day!  At least it's at home.  Langley did awesome Tuesday night.  I let her watch a movie on portbable DVD player.  I actually got to watch the entire first half!!  When the movie went off and people started talking to her, it all went downhill.  We left with 13 minutes left to go in the game, to her credit it was 8:50 pm, so I felt like she did great!

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