Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our Weekend

Friday night we had a family date!  First, we went to see Santa.  I have to tell you, this experience ranks in the top 20 funniest moments of my life.  Langley did not cry, but rather put a death grip on me.  She did NOT sit on Santa's lap.  High five, wave, take a candy cane - absolutely.  Get close enough to take a picture- not so much.  I laughed so hard I was crying.  I even told Santa I was about to pee my pants.  Everyone was staring at us, probably because the cute little girls lunatic mother couldn't get herself together.  I laughed all night.  I even got tickled during story time before bed.  I was a mess.

Giving her a little pre-santa pep talk

"Tell santa hi! Don't you like his hat!"

Notice her grip around my arm

This is where I start to get really tickled

Santa was trying so hard.  He was very patient and kind.  I was a blubbering mess.

I had just told santa I was about to pee my pants!

Best friends from a distance.  Notice the antlers.  She wore them until we got back to the car.

antlers, candy cane, post card = happy Langley

I pulled myslef together long enough to get a picture.

The pictures don't do this experience justice.  Great memories, though!  After Santa we went to eat Chinese.  All Langley ate was jello.

Saturday was game day #3 of the week.  We gave up a 21 point lead to lose by 1 in overtime.  Oh yes we did.  Geez.  I also got the Christmas cards mailed.  This is the picture we went with.

As I mentioned we lost last night.  I got up at 5:30 - you can guess why- when I got back to bed Josh was mumbling stuff like "i should've gone zone, why didn't I switch to zone."  He turned espn on by 5:50, so I was up 5 minutes later.  This should explain why I'm finishing a very long blog post at 7 am on a Sunday. 

So, that's our weekend so far.  We'll go to church in a few hours and then I need to buy groceries and I may sneak out alone to do a little Christmas shopping!  I'll let Josh and Langley bond over game film.

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