Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Phone Pics

Telling me she won't touch the Christmas Tree or the presents.

My dinner date.  5 hours into our road trip.

Finally back home.  Playing with her new baby, high chair, stroller, and accessories.  She hasn't stopped playing with this new toy.

It's a rainy cold day here and none of us slept very much last night, so today may not be a very productive day.

We had a good weekend seeing family, having an early Christmas, and seeing the Eagles win!!  However, the trip (5-6 hours depending on how many stops you make,) was very hard on my pregnant body.  My back and legs were hurting so bad from riding and sitting, then I would have to carry/wrestle a 30 pound toddler every time we got out of the car.  I also got dehydrated because I didn't drink anything all day because I wanted to reduce the amount of times I had to pee.  On the way home I felt like I was compressing some major artery or something because I would get dizzy and short of breath just sitting.

Needless to say, I felt lovely.  Yesterday at home, I was having some sciatic nerve issues, but that's been better so far today. 

Speaking of pregnancy, I am 18 weeks today.  I went to the doctor Thursday.  I had gained 2 pounds and the baby's heart rate was 156.   It took 2 hours to find out those 2 bits of information.  Not my favorite kind of appointment, but next time will be the big ultrasound!!

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