Friday, June 1, 2012

1 Month Old

Our little Aubrey is 1 month old today! 

She is such a blessing.  The past month has been hard.  She cries a lot.  We don't know why and many times can't calm her down.  It breaks my heart, frustrates me to death, and makes me feel so defeated. 

She is healthy and we are praying she "grows out  of this" whole unhappy/screaming/colic thing soon.

I took her to her check up today, here are the details:

Weight:  8 pounds, 11 oz
Height:  20 3/4 inches
Head:  14 1/2

I got my money's worth out of my APN today!  First, there is the issue of Aubrey's eyes.  Both eyes have clogged tear ducts.  They always look nasty.  I now have a rx for eye ointment and instructions to massage the junk out of her eye.  This is sure to be pleasant.

Next, there was the umbilical cord.  Yep, she still had it!  It was removed today.

We moved on to the fussy/crying/screaming issue.  I have a rx for gas drops in case mylicon isn't cutting it.  She also sent me home with Gentlease formula for when I start that transition - which will probably be soon.  It's awful not knowing if it's what I'm eating or not, if she's hurting or not, or if she just hates her life :-)  Formula would eliminate one of those worries. 

Then, there was the bloody nose.  Aubrey has had some major boogers, but this morning woke up with one bloody nostril and a huge dried booger on the other.  So, she had to remove a huge one from the bloody side of her nose which explained the blood. 

Finally there was the normal baby acne and rashes and we confirmed a birthmark on her hiney.

I'm so thankful for Aubrey!  She is healthy and will one day be happy! 

Aubrey wears newborn clothes.  Some 0-3 months fit, some are huge.  She's in size 1 diapers, because I have a big stockpile of size 1 and we ran out of newborn.

She sleeps well, normally waking up once at night and then we start the day at 7:00 am.

We've done tummy time a few mornings.  She tolerates it for a few minutes. I also try to read to her and talk to her a few minutes before Langley gets up.

Things she is fickle about (sometimes liking sometimes hating:)
bouncy seat
carseat/being in the car

She always hates:
spitting up
being cold

We LOVE this baby.  Not sure how she feels about us sometimes :-)

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Cari said...

Hey girl! I'm sorry that she is soo upset. Emery is/was the exact same way. I was nursing her and that was some of the trouble b/c she was a sleepy/lazy eater and not gaining. However, I discovered if I ate ANYTHING dairy she would scream after she ate and tense up her whole body. So...I stopped nursing and switched to the Similac Alimentum. It is the purple kind. It is for baby's who have a milk intolerance/colic, etc. And let me tell you after 2 bottles of that stuff she was a totally different baby! The stuff is outrageous expensive but a small price to pay for no screaming. Emery is also on acid reflux (prevacid) medication. I swear it is the 80% the formula and 20% the meds that have changed her. I also bought some "Bliss Gripe Water" at Walmart that helps her too.

I feel your pain and just wanted to share what has helped us. Also, today at 5.5 weeks she smiled for the first time which somehow erases all those hours of screaming we listened too.

Best of luck!!