Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Flower Girl Weekend

Josh's cousin Rebecca got married last weekend in OKC.  That is a super far drive for us, so Aubrey and I stayed back and let Josh and Langley have a fun weekend together.  We were sad we missed all the festivities, but it was really the best decision.

Langley was one of the flower girls and my heart hurt knowing I would miss her walking down the aisle.  Josh did good sending me pictures and keeping me updated.  All the photos were taken on his phone and I can't get them rotated, but I couldn't NOT post this level of precious!

The above photo makes me want to talk trash to all those crazies on toddlers and tiaras.  My child would win every one of those pageants!!! We are not putting her in child pageants, so you can all breathe a sigh of relief. Ultimate Grand Supreme right here.
 I nearly died when I got this picture.  Langley looks beautiful...and 20 years old.

 Langley got to walk down the aisle with aunt Amber, or "bear" as Langley says.  By all accounts she did amazing.  Keep in mind she is 2, had no nap, and had no clue what was going on!  She had fake corn on the cob and hot dog in her flower basket.  Josh said when it was her turn to walk she saw all the petals on the ground and said "uh-oh!"  I guess she was afraid her job was to pick them all up.

She stood during the whole ceremony.  I think she got a little embrassed and had her head down most of the time.

Beautiful bride Rebecca...

Langley got to dance at the reception!  Dancing is her thing right now, but she just turns in circles.  She is just little miss personality.

I'm so proud of my beautiful girl, how well she did on the long car ride, how well she adapted to being away from home, and her excellent behavior last weekend!

Josh also had a great time AND he got to go to the Thunder playoff game thanks to the bride and groom :-)
Aubrey and I had a good weekend together.  She had 2 really good days  and to be honest, I finally got to fall in love with that baby girl!  I've loved her since the second I knew she existed, but because of her issues and caring for everyone else on top of a newborn, I hadn't had a chance to actually enjoy her.  I cherished our time alone.

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