Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer is Here!

We celebrated Memorial Day at our house with friends!  The McCarty's and Moffetts got to come over.  We made the guys supervise the toddlers outside while the ladies and babies stayed in the AC!

We ate and talked and had a great time!  After our company left, everything went down hill.  There was the rush to get the girls in bed, clean up from the party inside and outside, PLUS clean every inch of the laundry room where Henry was because he peed gallons and then did who-knows-what to spread it everywhere.  I really wanted to kill him.

After that we finally got to bed then Langley woke up crying at 230 because she had thrown up.  I felt awful for her!!  We got her back to bed, then Aubrey woke up to eat.  She threw up on me twice.  Then, I made myself sick worrying that I had poisoned everyone at my party!! 

Thankfully no one else was sick.  We think Langley got dehydrated.  Daddy forgot that even though she was in the water, she needs to drink in 95 degree weather.  She played out there for a few hours and then came in and ate like a horse...that was the perfect combination for puking in the middle of the night.  Yikes!

Anyway, how cute is this girl?!

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