Sunday, March 14, 2010

2 weeks old!

I started a "Top Ten" list when Langley was 10 days old. Well, now she's 13 days old -2 whole weeks tomorrow! Here's some random updates from our life...I'm trying for 13 or 14 in lieu of the the "top ten."

1. The Mustangs lost in the semi finals of the Regional Tournament. Basketball is officially over. I hate that we didnt make the national tournament, but on the other hand it feels so good to have Josh home. I don't know what I would have done if he had to go to Indiana next week without us!

2. Langley's belly button is now normal! The stump fell off when she was 9 days old.

3. I am so thankful that L is not picky about what kind of bottle she likes. I had 5 or 6 bottles that I got as free samples or from my aunt before she was born and I've bought just a few more. She eats well from all of them, she doesn't care!

4. We've had really good meals provided by our friends in our Life Group. Wendy, if you read this, Josh wants me to get the chicken enchilada recipe! My mom and I felt spoiled not having to cook the past 2 weeks!

5. We had newborn pictures done today! I can't wait to see them. Langley was "pretty cooperative." We had to resort to the paci at the end of the session. Oh well, that's real life right now. Our photographer Terri is married to Josh's childhood friend Chad. Her website is

6. I did fix my hair, put on make up, and a real outfit for pictures - and it made me feel good! Also, my engagement ring fits again!

7. Langley only gained half an ounce in 4 days last week. Since Friday, I've added at least a teaspoon of formla to every bottle AND she gets two formula bottles each night. She gets weighed again tomorrow, so hopefully she'll be back on track!

How can a girl with this double chin have problems gaining weight?!

8. On Saturday, I got projectile vomitted on TWICE. The first was early in the morning. She was getting a formula bottle and I was rocking away in the rocking chair. I put her on my shoulder to burp one last time. Her face was toward mine and in .5 seconds there was spit up on my face, down my neck, and down my sweatshirt. I laughed and laughed and took a shower. The second time was last night when I was putting her to bed. Again, it was a formula bottle and I was rocking. This time I had fed her, burped her, and swaddled her. I decided to rock for just a few more minutes. Good thing, because she covered herself (down the blanket), the rocker, the carpet, and got a little on me. It was not so funny this time. I felt bad for her, and I was tired, so no laughing while I was scrubbing spit up off of everything.

9. I love the new episodes of The Singing Bee. By the way, I would win $10,000 if I ever was on the show. I heart the Singing Bee.

10. We have been so blessed with Langley's sleeping schedule. She sleeps very very well. We are able to rest as well. Thank you Lord!

11. I am ready to feel more confident taking L out in public. I know she's only 2 weeks old and I don't want to take her out very much. But, it's like I feel guilty (even in Walmart) if she cries a little. Maybe once I get her on a predictable schedule this will get better.

12. I want to go on a date with my husband! However, I don't think I could handle more than dinner in Conway, because I would be worried about L the whole time.

13. I am ready for spring time weather! It has been cool and gloomy for several days here and I want to get out and go for a walk. I am not ready for all the pollen, though! Get the claritin ready!

14. And lastly, I am already dreading going back to work. I will cry - a lot. I know millions of moms have to do this everyday, but it will kill me. I am trying to cherish every second until April 19.

Bonus #15. L hates to be naked. She fusses every time I change her diaper and only enjoys a bath when I'm pouring warm water on her.

Bonus #16: We've been getting more and more of these random gassy grins. Just precious!

Woo-hoo! There's your 9LOOONG) random post!


Becky said...

She is SO SO sweet!

Unknown said...

I'll babysit why you go on a date! ;)