Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our Day

It's been one of those days where I'm still in my pj's, Langley has had 3 different sets of clothes on because of poop and/or pee incidents, and most of our day has been spent in the recliner. I have not been outside except to put some mail in the mailbox and to let Henry in or out. L has been kind of unsettled today. The paci has been in most of the day and the swing and bouncy seat have not been appealing to her. But, right now, she is asleep in the swing. Daddy came home unexpectedly and suddenly all was right with the world :-)
Over the weekend, Langley starting getting little bumps on her face. She was born with clear, smooth, soft beautiful skin. Now, she has newborn acne. It looks awful, but obviously it doesn't bother her.

Have any of ya'll dealt with newborn acne? Is there really nothing I can do except wash her face with a warm washcloth? I am so thankful for my HEALTHY baby girl and this is just a vain cosmetic problem, but it bothers me. Any words of advice/encouragement with this? Also, her belly button is still bleeding a little. I put alcohol on it 3 or 4 times a day, but she has bled on a couple of outfits already. Should I be concerned?
Well, off to make some dinner! Josh has been so good to encourage me to get out of the house alone for a little while each night. He is such a blessing to Langley and I.


Shanda said...

All of our boys had baby acne. Seems like I remember it being at its worst at about 1 month, then slowly getting better after that. I always hated it...just when I was ready to start showing them off they started looking a little rough! I never did anything to try to make it go away (b/c our doctor said there wasn't anything you could do), but I just read in Parents or Parenting magazine that some doctors recommend putting breast milk on their face and that makes it go away faster! I'd never heard of that before! Hope you all are doing well!

Anonymous said...

I think the breast milk thing might be a good idea. I've actually heard that it is good to use on your face too! Soo...if ya'll come back to church w/ awesome skin...we'll know whats up!! haha I have always had good luck with that aveeno oatmeal bath that you add in to the water, but idk about using that w/ a 1 month old? She's growing so fast! She already looks so different from when I saw her!! Such a cutie!
-Wendi Pool

The Lamey Family said...

YES, Adalyn had terrible newborn acne. Hugh had a slight case. The breastmilk thing works, but it is slow. It should clear in a few weeks. 4-6 wks old is the peak. So, she's probably getting better by now. :) Can't wait to see her!