Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Daddy-Daughter Stories

Josh is so good with Langley. Such a good daddy. Again, I've never loved this man more!

Funny story #1: On the way home from one of our lab visits the other day Langley blew her diaper up. It was loud and smelled up the car. And we laughed - Hard! So, we get to the house and Josh volunteered to change her. I was in the kitchen and hear him yelling and gagging from her room. I was already laughing, but ya'll when I saw this

I nearly died. It was the funniest thing I've ever seen. I laughed so hard I had to lay down.
Funny story #2: Every night I put Langley in her PJ's and put her to bed. Every morning when I wake up, she has on different PJ's. Apparently Langley and Josh have some diaper issues in the middle of the night. This just gets me tickled. Especially the mornings when she has on different clothes and the changing pad cover is in the bath tub. And especially this morning when all the wipes were gone and he told me she had projectile pooped onto the wall. I can only imagine his reaction!


Summer said...

I just laughed right out loud! That is Ha-larious! Um yeah I could only imagine his reaction to projectile poop! LOL.... My hubs was the same way with Kelcee when she was little.....He is the best daddy in the world but when it comes to poop he um is very squemish...LOL
Have a Happy Day
Summer :0)

Superchikk said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Yes, survival is important at this stage, and it will get better as time goes by.

I love the poo stories. Husband can't handle the stuff on his own - at least not without using an entire tub of wipes. Josh is a brave man!