Monday, March 29, 2010

A-town visit

Do the (clap clap) potty dance. Sorry, just had to get that out. This song has been in my dang head for over a week. I sing it aloud several times a day. It's my own fault. Dang TLC.


I wasn't able to attend a very special baby shower this weekend, but we did catch a ride to Arkadelphia for the day on Saturday. She did great in the car there and back, so check her first road trip off the list!! I just could not travel with Langley by myselft yet. Mainly because she can't keep her head up in the carseat for more than 15 minutes. I'd have to stop and prop her head up! Plus, I constantly look in the rearview mirror to try and see if she's breathing.

Langley had a great day in A-town. We played with Mimi, Nanny, and Memaw; got to see Nana and Pawpaw for a minute; and met Jake, Tabor, Christell, Robert, Trudy, and Kristin for the first time. Langley also went through 8 diapers and 2 outfits during our visit. Good thing I was prepared!

She didn't sleep more than an hour during our entire visit. We all slept good Saturday night when we finally got home!
This is Langley with her great-great-great aunt Christell!! Yes, the triple great!

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