Monday, March 29, 2010

A Whole Month!

The 1 month photo shoot started off so well...

I got some cute shots of my sweet girl...

but when she's done, she's done, and she will let you know...

we tried another set up - you can tell how she felt about it...

When she was done with laying on her tummy....
she just turned her head.

Facts about Langley at 4 weeks old:
- Weighs at least 9lbs and 10 oz
- Eats 4 oz. 7 times a day
- Normally sleeps from 8:30 pm - 2:30 am, eats, then sleeps until 7:00 am!!! We are so spoiled!!!
- Has discovered her tongue and sticks it out alot
- Stares at overhead lights and ceiling fans (for half an hour sometimes)
-Seems to like being outside
- Has slept in her own room since she was 4 days old...she sleeps swaddled up
- Can turn her head from side to side while laying on her tummy
- Will roll herself the rest of the way over when laid on her side
- At 3 weeks had a growth spurt, ate like a horse, and showed a nasty temper. I cried with her a few times last week.
- Thankfully has not had tummy issues. We've had to use the Mylicon drops twice...thank you God for Mylicon. When you need them, you need them.
- Skin has cleared up quite a bit. The baby acne seems to have moved from her T Zone to a few bumps on her cheeks, neck, and scalp.
- Hates being cold.
- Has started cooing more and making sweet little sounds.
- Just melts our hearts everyday!!!!

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The Cates Fam said...

I know this is a really random question, but who was your doctor? I saw the blanket and it looks like the one that Dr. Amy Johnson's office gave me when Addison was born.