Saturday, March 6, 2010

Langley Post #1

I don't feel like I will do a good job writing aboout Langley's birth or first week of life, but I need to get something down before I forget everything!
She was born at 6:33 pm on Monday, March 1. I checked into the hospital at 4am, pitosin was going by 4:30 am, Doctor came in and broke my water at 6:15 am, guests started arriving at 10am, got an epidural at 12:30 pm (not sure if this was the exact time, but I know it was lunch time,) I was at 6 cm by 4:00pm, started feeling intense pressure during contractions that I couldn't speak through by 5pm - this is when I rolled over on my side an told everyone they may want to leave, at 6:00 pm I was fully dialated and pushed for 33 minutes!

I did have some issues with LOW blood pressure at some point during the day, but Langley's vitals were awesome all day. For the record, my epidural was GONE by the time Langley was out and I was getting "fixed up." It took the doctor longer to fix me than it did for me to push - it was the most horrible hour of my life - serious pain. Serious pain.

They went ahead and took her to the nursery since the on call pediatrician was there doing rounds. She got all checked out and had a bath so it was 8:45 pm before I got to hold her. Ya'll she was so beautiful! The instant in love feeling cannot be described. I also fell more in love with my husband when she was born. I said 3 things right after she was out: 1) is it a girl? 2) I don't think I can ever do this again. 3) I have never loved you more (talking to Josh.)

Langley weighed 9 lbs, 3 oz. and measured 20.5 inches (even though the pediatricians office measured her at 21.5 inches yesterday.)

Langley Post #2: Visitors, Bili checks, and the first few nights

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Summer said...

Congrats on your beautiful baby girl!! Langley is just precious! I LOVE that name BTW!

You sound like you did Awesome! I had to laugh right out loud about the 3 things you said after she was born because I also said to my hubby I couldn't love you more, I don't think I can do this again, but the third one for me was is that her crying yay she's o.k......
Kelcee was 1 mth early so we were ALOT woried!

WOW Langley is 9 lbs.....girl you deserve a metal for that!

Welcome to mommyhood
SUmmer ;0)