Tuesday, November 2, 2010

8 Months Old

Langley has changed so much (again) in the last month!  Crawling, eating, playing, displaying of temper, have all changed the parenting-game for us!

Here is a typical day:
8:00  Wake up, breakfast of oatmeal and a 5 oz. bottle.  Daddy is in charge of this Monday-Thursday since I go to work early to prepare for my classes.

Read books, play, watch a "movie" (praise baby)

9:45 Bath (Mommy is home for this every day except for Wednesday)
10:00 Morning Nap

12:00 lunch of rice cereal with fruit and a 5 oz bottle

2:00 Afternoon nap

4:00  Dinner of veggies and a 5 oz. bottle

5:30 late nap (usually the shortest of the day)

8:00  8oz. bottle...bedtime is between 8:30-9:00pm!

Depending on the day, Langley likes to play in her room on the floor with her toy box and books; or in the exersaucer; or in the jumper; or in the living room floor with her toys; or in the pack&play that I set up in the living room.  She likes to go outside, crawl to places she's not supposed to go, and try to get anyone's feet or shoes.  She also enjoys her bath.

Her first 2 naps average an hour each.  We lowered her bed and I let her sleep with a regular blanket in her crib. (I still put her in a light weight sleep sack b/c she is rarely under the covers when she wakes up.)

She is still giving "5" and just today she started clapping when I said "yay!"  Still no teeth and no words, but she communicates her feelings just fine :-) 

It is amazing how someone can take you to the highest points of frustration, yet you still love her with a strong, unexplainable, unending love.  It makes me wonder how God can love us with an even purer and deeper love, yet we fail him every day.  

Thank you, Lord. 

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