Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's Good to be Home

Mustangs are now 3-4. 

On a sad note, last night our senior starting point guard suffered a career ending injury.

 His junior season, Daron tore his achilles.  He redshirted, added a minor to his degree plan, had surgery, and rehabbed for a year.  Daron went through a lot and worked hard and was SO PUMPED for this season.  He is a leader on the team.

Last night, he knew exactly what had happened immediately.  He was down and crying, "it's over!"  I knew immediately.  The achilles.  Our trainer who is a PT (he did Daron's rehab) got him to the locker room.  By this point, I was crying and several other people in the stands.  We knew.  He wasn't crying because of the pain (which I'm sure was intense,) he was crying because his college basketball career was over. 

His dad got to the game a little late.  He walked toward the stands and I went to get him before he sat down.  "Mr. Hall?"  I said to get his attention.  "Is he hurt?"  was the first thing out of his mouth.  I couldn't talk, just took him to the locker room.  Ya'll it was so sad.

Since the moment he went down, there has been a since of mourning.  I think Daron, and many others will have to go through a grief process.  Grieving the death of your college basketball career sounds so trivial, but nonetheless, it's grief.  It could be so much worse.  We know God will use this for his glory.  We know there is a purpose for this.  We just don't know why. 

Keep Daron in your prayers.  That he will heal, that he will trust, that he will have peace.

The trainer told us this was very very uncommon.  The doctor said the only crazier thing he'd seen was a player who tore both achilles at the same time.  The odds of tearing both of your achilles tendon in your lifetime are something like .2%.  That's POINT TWO.

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Becky said...

JD has been so sad for Daron. This morning we all sat down and prayed for him- Halle led it. Our hearts hurt for you all...