Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Getting You Caught Up

I don't know if it's a combination of the time change and the 80 degree November temperatures that have me feeling like 20 kinds of crud or what, but I just have not been able to find time to blog lately.  A lot has been going on, so I'll try to get you all caught up.

Langley has been spending her time crawling everywhere and clapping and talking and spitting. 

She has been a trooper at all the ballgames!

And, she got to spend her first weekend away from Mom and Dad!  This was much needed!  I had not ever spent the night away from her.  Josh and I were able to just go stay at the Peabody for 2 nights, eat yummy food, and sleep whenever we wanted!  We had a good time and Langley did good with Mimi here at the house.

Basketball season is in full force.  We are currently 1-2, having played Williams Baptist, Lyon College, and John Brown University all in Conway. We definitley should have beaten Lyon (we were totally absent mentally) and we played John Brown tough!  John Brown is legit -- they are ranked 18th in the nation and we held them to 64 points.  We play all these teams again on the road.  You can watch live stats during each game and get more info here and here.

Finally, Henry got a spider bite.  The vet has only seen this type of wound 1 other time, which leads him to believe that it was a brown recluse.  It's nasty.  This wound is going to bankrupt us :-)  The dog has been wearing a onesie for the past week to keep him from licking.  I have pictures of the spider bite.  It's gross, so don't scroll down if you are squeamish.  You've been warned.

This was the first day.  I discovered he had a problem late one afternoon when I noticed Henry had not been laying on the couch (his normal spot) and would not jump up on anything.  When Josh got home we bathed him and poured peroxide on the wound.  He went to the vet the next day and came home with two more medicines (he was still on antibiotics from his teeth cleaning.) 

All the red area above has been and will eventually all die, remove itself, and hopefully heal.  Yes, it's very near his man-land.

This picture was yesterday.  Scabbing has begun, but there is a puss pocket in the middle.  A few things can happen with that, but knowing how our life works, we are looking at a little surgery to drain it and promote healing.  I still don't know if I'd rather that pop itself and drain out somewhere in my house, probably on my furniture, or if  I want to pay a couple hundred more dollars.  Either way would be awesome.

This is today.  I'm ready for it to get better.  He finishes his steroids and the first round of antibiotics and goes back to the vet on Monday.  If you feel so inclined, pray this heals, without bankrupting us :-)

I hate this happened, but if a brown recluse had to bite someone in our household, I'm glad it was the dog.  Josh would want to burn the house down if it had been Langley (for the record I've never seen a brown recluse in our house, but we have sprayed inside and out.)  Josh HATES spiders.  I kill most of the spiders we encounter.  My phobia is snakes, so we just handle these things for each other.

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