Monday, March 14, 2011

Baby Steps

  She is showing off her teeth in the picture above!    You can barely see them, though :-) 


We've had a good day.  She is growing and developing more each day.  I started transitioning her to whole milk last week.  That has been fine.  She didn't drink much the first 2 days, but eventually got thirsty and gulped it down.  She has also been drinking more apple juice, but I still dilute it alot.  I have not taken away her night time bottle.  I have one can of formula left, so when that's gone, we will address the last bottle.

She is taking more steps every day, too!  Today she took 3 in a row, while holding a book in one hand. 

We have pinpointed the cause of her major screaming.  It happens when we put the baby gate up in her room.  We never just lock her up and run.  Most of the time we are in the room with her playing and just put the gate up so we don't have to chase her around the house.  I also use the gate when, you know I have to use the bathroom, or do something else that is nearly impossible while holding a 23 pound child.  Until last week, she would just play and not even notice if we stepped  out.  This morning I put up the gate and we played for 20 minutes or so, then I went to the bathroom (TMI).  Keep in mind, she can see me the whole time - I'm 4 feet from her room- and she went totally and completely ballistic.  We could see each other, I talked to her the whole 30 seconds I was out of her room.  It was crazy.   

So, some kind of weird seperation anxiety?  She never cries when we leave her in the nursery or with family.  The baby gate and I had a lovely relationship, now it is a [neccessary] love/hate relationship I guess.  If you've had any similar experience, feel free to share.

I will now leave you with a random picture.  But it's cute of Langley and aunt Mary taken at our last game.

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