Monday, March 7, 2011

Birthday Party and Ordination and Other Goings On...

Langley's party was Saturday at our church.  The party was simple.  I bought the minimal decorations and made the cupcakes and other snacks myself.  More power to all of you who can go all out...but it does kind of make me feel like crap about myself.  Just being honest.

The important thing is that Langley was celebrated, we had a good time and got our families together. 

Sunday, Josh was ordained as a deacon in our church.  What an unexpected blessing this was!  The ordination was very special.  My favorite part was hearing other men, who love God and serve our church, pray over Josh and over our family.  I love our church.  I love the way they love others and serve others and strive to glorify the Lord.  I will carry many wonderful memories with me from last night.

We are still playing basketball...
Headed to our regional tournament this weekend in OKC.  We are done with NAIA post season, but since we are dual affiliated with the NCCAA, we are in that post season.  I love Josh and our life and I'm competitive, but I'm thankful the season is coming to a close.  This time of the year is crazy with still having practice and games and traveling AND recruiting. 

Langley has 2 teeth!  2 bottom ones right beside each other.  She's about to walk.  She'll take a step now and then and stands alone all the time. 

So far, Monday has been pretty good!  My morning went smoothly at work and I even had a painless visit to the revenue office!  Have a good week!

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