Sunday, March 13, 2011

Looking Foward

I have experienced every emotion known to man in the past week.  It's really all a blur, I have lived a lifetime in the past 7 days. My family and I have survived another basketball season.

A list of a few things that stand out...I promise I'll have pictures in the next post.

1.  Langley has been different.  She has spent a majority of her days either asleep or crying/screaming.  Her screaming reached a new level.  And, it's over nothing.  Nothing.  Nothing warrants this kind of scream unless it is a real fear or pain.  She is screaming for reasons I can not figure out.  She cries 100 times a day when she wants what I am holding.  It could be paper, a phone, my drink, or a piece of poop.  It doesn't matter, she would want it, reach for it, turn red trying to get it from me and then fall completely apart when I don't let her have it.  [For the record, I don't really touch pieces of poop.  But Josh did yesterday when she pooped in the bathtub.]  This stage is not fun.  It sends me to the brink of insanity several times a day. 

2. This relates to #1, but you know your child has been a treat when the nursery workers describe her as "being a little dramatic."  At least it's not just for me.  I've been told that when she can walk she'll act better...she won't get as frustrated as easily.

3.  We (me, mom, and langley) made a road trip to Oklahoma City to watch the Mustang's in the Regional Tournament.  We lost, ending our season.  And Langley was not much fun.  She did fine on the way there, but that evening she cried for over an hour refusing to take a nap.  Finally went to sleep but I had to "sleep" in the big bed with her.  I. did. not. sleep.  On the way home, I literally thought I was going to die if she did not just shut up and go to sleep.  She slept from Russellville to Menifee.  Which was about 1/18 of the trip home.

4.  The very next day we made another [shorter] road trip, this time with Josh to my dad's wedding.  Josh headed to the State Championships immediatley after we got home.

5.  We ended this season with a losing record.  Here is an article from the Conway paper that kind of sums up the season.  Click Here.  We have to remember God sees the big picture when we suffer set backs.

6.  This relates to #3.  In the hotel room that night when Langley was finally asleep, Josh brought us Chili's to go for dinner.  We were trying to be quiet, our food was cold, and they didn't send us any silverware.  I laughed so hard [as I was trying to be quiet] watching Josh eat a steak and mashed potatoes with no utensils, I was crying.

So, we are looking another week, month, year.  The good thing is God is in control.  Oh how He love us!

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like Sawyer and Langley are doing the same things. I have been thinking since he was born it would get better. I'm still waiting. The nursery people have told me Sawyer can be "difficult". I hope Langely is better soon.