Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our Seniors

The season is over, but I need to document our seniors.  Each of these guys are special to Josh and I, let me introduce you.

Gerry Allen has only been with us one year.  He transfered in and used his eligibility to lead our team this last semester.  Gerry is the life of the party.  I have never seen someone get so excited about winning laundry detergent.  Gerry is a nice guy, has a great personality, and has always loved Langley.  I feel like he's been on the team longer than just one season.  I was very impressed with how he played and was never intimidated. 

Michael Holder is a gentle giant.  I remember Josh telling me about Mike when he came years ago for a try out.  Josh decided he wanted Mike on the team after he caught the ball off the rim and dunked on several people during that try out...it must have been impressive for Josh to tell me and for me to remember!  Mike, "big Mike" or "little Mike" - he goes by whatever - is an inspiration in the way he has overcome adversity in his past personal life.   We've gotten to know a lot about him and his sweet family.  I am so proud of him.

Will Johnson is quiet - but apparently hilarious.  My husband has told me many times that if he and Will would have been in school together they would have been friends.  He is a country boy with a precious mom and a pretty shot.  We have grieved with Will through the loss of his dad last year and treasured the memories we have with Will's family.  He has been a great student athlete to share the last few years with.

Daron Hall was our first recruit.  I remember going to watch him with Josh before we were married.  Daron is so smart and will be so successful in whatever field he chooses.  We have also enjoyed Daron's family.  Both Daron and Mike came to our house the day we brought Langley home.  He has truly been part of the family. 

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