Monday, January 9, 2012


1-1 in the American Midwest Conference.  Not a bad start!  We played the reigning conference champs twice this weekend, winning once and losing once.  The win topped off my fantastic Saturday!

My Mom and Memaw came to visit, I got to run errands alone, Langley took a nap (which usually is a huge battle when we have visitors, but I made them pretend to leave so she would relax,) and acted great at the game, she put on a little half time performance that the crowd loved, and we won!  It was also an early game so we got to go out to eat as a family and Josh was home for her bedtime.  All of that made it a great day for me :-)

And, since I use this blog as a scrapbook, I want to remember that since we got home from Christmas, Langley has been Michael Holder's #1 fan.  Mike is a former player and now our assistant coach and Langley asks "where Michael?" all. the. time.  It is too cute and his face lights up every time!

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