Tuesday, January 31, 2012

26 Week Check-Up, The Joys of an Almost 2 yo, and an Eye

I had a dr.'s appointment today and it was a long one.  I had the glucose test, regular checks of weight (I've gained 12 pounds total,) bp (120/68,) baby's heart rate (160,) and belly measurement.  Plus, I got the ro-gam shot.  Afterward, I went by the hospital to pre-register and got to tour a room in the women's center. 

I got in the car to come home and was overwhelmed with fear.  The hospital is so different than Conway Regional - older and smaller and darker.  But, the staff was nice, and hopefully by the time I'm ready to give birth I won't really care!  I seriously have already started praying for the nurses and doctors who will care for me and the baby.  I was never this scared when I was pregnant with Langley, I guess it's just all the "new" we have experienced in the last year and all the "new" we have yet to encounter.

When I got home Josh was helping the UPS man unload the new glider!  I love it!  It is super comfortable and it makes me so happy!

Langley has  been very quick to anger all day.  She is challenging me on every.single, thing.  She responds to correction and direction with screaming, hitting, and/or pinching and pull at my clothes.  I'm surprised my bp wasn't elevated!  This has not been my daughter's best day.  I am ready for her to talk so she can express emotion with words rather than these outbursts.   Lord, help me.

Sunday Langley appeared to have an eye infection.  Her eye was red, watery, and oozing white stuff from the inside corner - I'm sorry I know that's gross!  I was sure she would wake up with a matted eye and full-blown pink eye.  However, Monday morning the eye was much better.  No more oozing.  She never ran fever or rubbed her eye.  I went ahead and called the doctor's office.  They called in some antibiotic eye drops. 

Since her eye was so much better, I was nervous about using these.  I've only given her 2 doses in the one eye - and I'm supposed to do it 3 times a day in both eyes.  I just still don't know how to proceed with this.    Both of her eyes are totally normal as of now.  Mommy worries and "Mommy Guilt" never ends.

I'm super glad that I have dinner in the crock-pot, because I just want to lay on the couch and watch paula deen for a little while!

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