Wednesday, January 4, 2012

22 is the Number of the Week

1.  Langley turned 22 months old on January 1.  I can't believe I'm about to have a two year old!
2.  I am 22 weeks pregnant.
3.  It's a GIRL!!!!!!!!  I'm so excited!  So blessed that everything looked great on the ultrasound.
4.  I've known about my 2nd daughter for just over 24 hours and I've already satisfied my compulsive need to sort and organize all of Langley's clothes.  I. heart. hand-me-downs.
5.  Little sister will get a few things brand new...I've been shopping online!
6.  I'm about 95% sure she has a name, but we are not sharing it yet.
7. I gained 6 pounds last month. 
8.  We have great weather today.  So thankful to be out of the 30's for highs.
9.  Langley LOVES her new tricycle!

 10.  She was asking "what's that?"  She asks me this question at least 100 times a day.

11.  The first day we took a tricycle ride all the neighbors thought it was the cutest thing ever. 

12. Langley does no peddling. 
13.  She also LOVES the kitchen. 

14.  And all the food and dishes that go in it.

15.  Langley calls the hogs every time she gets in her high chair and every time we lay her down.  She says "woo pig coco."
16.  Josh's entire life has revolved around feeding the team since we've been back.  The cafeteria is closed and we live an eternity from most eating establishments.  I'm over it.  Providing them 2 meals a day extends him being gone for 3-4 hours a day. 
17.  She's going to be a great big sister.

18.  I'm praying my 2 girls have just enough similarities and differences to be friends and not have to compete with each other.

19.  I finally put away the sleep sack.  Langley doesn't understand blankets.  Nap time today was not very successful.

20.  I don't do resolutions, but one of my goals for this year is to do 1 craft a week with Langley.  We haven't done one yet.

21.  There are 3 baby's due from my neighborhood between February and May.  They are all girls.

22.  Our first conference game is Friday. 

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