Monday, January 16, 2012

More Kitchen Fun

Langley was all about playing kitchen first thing this morning.

She fed her animals, then made me some breakfast.

My favorite picture from the morning.

She also has been singing a song from the Freshbeat Band.  I believe we have watched that show a total of 3 times, but they end with the same song each episode and apparently it is the first song my child will ever sing.   She was using the baguette as her microphone.

I'm glad this occupied her for a while because it has been miserably windy today.  As in, keep you from moving forward when walking outside and knocking toddlers down with each gust.  It's probably worse here since we have no trees or mountains or hills or buildings or anything to stop it.

On an unrelated note, Josh tried to get a picture of Me and Langley before we left for church yesterday.  Every Sunday morning is a challenge in some way, you can tell by the picture -

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Becky said...

OH my goodness- that last picture had me laughing. out. loud. I can totally relate. :)