Friday, January 20, 2012

* I haven't had much to blog about this week.

* Let's see, I have had a cold, we've been home all week except for 2 playdates, 1 basketball game, and a trip to WM, and I've spent a lot of time lamenting in the fact that it's basketball season and it's really hard to be "new" where we live.  Dont' get me wrong everyone is very kind, but this is extreme small town life.  You people in Arkadelphia have NOTHING to complain about.  NOTHING.

*Langley took all of her clothes off one night and I laughed my head off when I got her up that morning.

*I hosted a diaper shower tonight for a neighbor who is having her 5th little girl!  The theme was "Another Little Sweetheart."  This has been good for me to work on, using some planning skillz and creativity this week. My friends and nieghbors Jill, Maranda, and Cathy helped hostess, we kept it very simple since this was planned in less than a week (baby is due any day.)  We just did coffee and dessert since the shower was from 7-830 pm.  It went well, we had 11 people drop by which is about half of who we invited.  I didn't know what to expect since I don't really know many people, but everything went well and we had fun!  I hope everyone else was as blessed by it as I was.

*Also, Josh got me a rose today and did some talking to people-in-the-know-who-have-influence-in-this-town about a part time preschool program, why no business owners here utilize the internet making it very hard to get information, and about how we would like to be involved in the community or at least like it but the lack of (all kinds of)communication and use of technology make this very very challenging to be "new in town."  It made me feel good that he is hearing me and actually tried to help the situation!

*This has been the kind of week where every time someone asked me how I was feeling I wanted to respond, "it's the middle of basketball season, i'm pregnant, trying to be a good mother to a toddler, and I feel like I live in a foreign country alone - I'm doing as well as can be expected."  Of course, I don't actually say that - ok so I said that to my mom :-)

*  Here is my little sweetheart before the shower.  Josh was gone for a game, so Langley got to join all the ladies.  She had a ball - the center of attention no doubt.

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Becky said...

I feel ya, Rachel.