Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This is how she watched Sesame Street this morning.  She never even knew I was taking her picture.

Today we went to the library with our neighborhood playgroup.  Instead of trying to clear all the shelves today Langley was much more interested in coloring and bossing everyone around.  Normally (especially in this group) Langley is very passive and doesn't stand up for herself.  Not today.  Today she was the one who wouldn't share and who told everyone "no" constantly.  I was so tired from correcting her, showing her how to share, and trying to make positive statements rather than negative.  (Example:  turning "Langley do NOT ______________! " Into " Langley there are plenty of coloring book and crayons, we are going to share with ____________.")

My daughter has said the word "NO" approximately 257,000 times today.  I think this has to do with being in MOPS yesterday.  There must be a little stinker in her class that influences her attitude. She has used the Word no as a universal word today.  No has meant yes, no, ok, etc.  I'm over it.  My tactic has been to start singing "YES, Jesus loves me!"  when she starts having a "no" meltdown.  It's worked a few times.

Other random updates on Langley-
-  talks constantly with proper inflection and tone, but we have no idea what words she is saying.
-  will watch tv and play independently without getting into anything for an hour - so I can shower!
-  has come a long way with being able to use utensils.
-  hardly eats any vegetables, so I started buying those pouches of baby food and she loves them - little does she know there are veggies in there!
-  has started singing. Current selections are Jesus Loves Me, Deep & Wide, and the Freshbeat Band song.
-  she also says "miska, mooska,"  from Mickey Mouse and calls him Meeka.
-  started saying He-Hee for Henry.
-  calls me "mommy' instead of momma.
-  is still very social and gets over any stranger anxiety pretty quickly.
- understands and follows simple directions.
- can put on most of her shoes buy herself.
- asks about the baby and kisses my belly many times a day.
-  is getting more interested in coloring.

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