Monday, February 27, 2012

The 23rd Month: February 22-26

Feb 22 - Hanging out while I folded laundry.  Actually, she was begging to watch TV.

Feb 23 - Happy shot before daddy left for the last regular season game!  We made it! 

Feb 24 - not.a.single.picture. from this day.  We bought groceries, shopped for her birthday party and at chinese for lunch.

Feb 25 - Langley spent the morning with Josh while I ran errands.  He dressed her :-) 

Feb 26 - We went "Wild About TWO" at Langley's birthday party!!  This was during the present-opening stage.  I'll do an entire post on the party later in the week, once I get all the pictures!

***  I just noticed that my child wore a lot of gray last week and Josh is the MVP of this blog post.

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