Saturday, February 4, 2012


I've already put the name of our 2nd daughter on Facebook, but wanted to have the meaning and story behind it here for me to remember.

Baby #2 will be...

Josh has been set on the name Aubrey for several weeks now.  It was the only name he liked.  I wanted to wait to see what all of our pregnant neighbors were naming their children and practice saying "Aubrey Austin" a million times to make sure I loved it.  Well, it looks like we will have a Jacqueline, Kinsley, Madelynn, and Aubrey all here within the next few months. 

Here's why I love her name:

I put Aubrey on the (short) list of names I liked after looking at Abigail.  I loved the name Abigail after I did a Bible study last year on women of the Bible.  Abigail's story of her character and faith is inspiring.  I hope my girls can have some her traits.  However, I know several Abigail's, Abby's (one is a canine,) and Addie's, so I needed something a little different. 

The actual meaning of the name Aubrey is something like "king of the elves."  I'm sure she will appreciate that!  I knew I couldn't have a Langley Elizabeth, whose name has lots of family history behind it, and then an Aubrey "elfish ruler,"  so a family name for the middle name was a must.  We had picked out the middle name Piearce for our boy name, so we decided to use it for our daughter since it is derived from "Piearcy."  Piearcy is my mother-in-law's maiden name.  It is also special because my mom has a dear friend whose last name was Pierce.  She has been like a second mother to me at times, and loves Langley like her own.  My Aubrey Piearce represents some special people!

We can't wait to meet Aubrey and love her so much already!

Bets are on what Langley will end up calling her.  I'm guessing either "sissy" or "bobby"  because I know she won't say Aubrey  :-)

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